Our Mission

To feed wholesome meals to food-insecure school children in our community and teach them to create healthy habits.

The idea for The Patachou Foundation is simple: To prepare and serve healthy meals to children impacted by homelessness and hunger and increase their awareness, connection and excitement about the whole food they are eating. The Patachou Foundation is supported by individual donors, granting organizations, Public Greens and corporate sponsors.

We recognize it takes more than just feeding bodies to change hunger – it takes a holistic approach. Through our meal services and hands-on educational programming, we combat food insecurity at its core to break the cycle of hunger in our community.

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity occurs when there is no access to quality food or, even when it is available, no money to buy it. Under-resourced neighborhoods often are referred to as “food deserts” due to their lack of quality grocery stores. Indianapolis has been ranked the worst city in the nation for access to fresh food. The Patachou Foundation is working hard to change this by providing real food and hands-on education to kids living in these areas.

Get involved

We couldn't do it without support from our volunteers. Take a stand against food insecurity in your community and join our fight to eradicate hunger. Whether it's once a week or once a semester, The Patachou Foundation would love to have you join our volunteer team. Learn more about how you can lend a hand.

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2020 Vision

The Patachou Foundation aims to achieve strategic growth for a radically different and radically better impact in Indianapolis. By 2020 we are dedicated to:

  • Making a measured effect on hunger in our community by reaching 1,000 individual students annually through geographic expansion.
  • Increasing our volunteer base to 150 volunteers actively engaged each month at every level of our organization.
  • Expanding on fundraising support for our growing impact in the community through diversified sources.

Our Principles

1) Being exceptional at what we do. This applies to every aspect of the Foundation, from the quality of food we serve, how it's prepared, our programming, to our attitudes and our campaigns. Only the highest quality ingredients and people will do. Through radically different approaches and ideas, we will be radically better.

2) Creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere where we serve, where individuality and diverseness is encouraged, where opinions and thoughts are heard, and where each volunteer is valued and treated with kindness and respect.

3) Creating lasting relationships with each other and with those we serve: whether fellow Patachou volunteers, other community partners or volunteers, and especially those we serve so that even for the brief moments we share, the Patachou Foundation becomes part of their lives, and they become part of ours.

4) Providing service with warmth; recognizing that the limited time we have together is important and that every moment matters.

5) Providing real food that is as high-quality as financially feasible. We serve food that is truly fresh. We do this by cultivating relationships with suppliers and community partners that are mutually beneficial.

6) Creating an atmosphere of equality and respect, recognizing that those we serve are the reason we do what we do. Communities in their truest form rely on each other to build value. We are helping to build those communities, and in doing so, become part of them as well. We seek not only to serve but to create meaningful partnerships along the way.

Our story

The Patachou Foundation uses the Patachou Inc. restaurant's production kitchen to prepare the food and staff and community volunteers serve these children real, wholesome meals. Educators are trained to teach kids about nutrition, basic culinary exploration, manners at the table and farming topics.

From Martha Hoover, founder


As a mother of three grown children, I remember fondly the crazy after-school hours trying to cram in homework with athletics, extracurricular activities, and the day’s recap at the dinner table. I remember how hungry my children were when they got in the car, off a bus, or to their after-school event. Even when I was not there to physically give them a healthy snack, they had money to buy one. And they always knew that once home there would be a dinner table waiting for them, a warm meal, a refrigerator full of food and a bed to sleep in.

At The Patachou Foundation, we serve a population that does not share in this type of security. We feed children who, at the mercy of their parents’ precarious, difficult and vulnerable lives, live in the shadows of daily food insecurity and the threat of homelessness.

Martha Hoover opened her first Patachou Inc. restaurant in December 1989 and currently operates multiple successful restaurant concepts in the Indianapolis area: Cafés Patachou, Petite Chou Bistro and Champagne Bar, Napolese Artisanal Pizzeria and Wine Bar, Crispy Bird, Bar One Fourteen, Public Greens: Urban Kitchens With a Mission. Keeping with her commitment the community she serves, she began The Patachou Foundation in 2013.

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