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Solving hunger one meal at a time

Indianapolis is still grappling with a huge hunger issue. “There is hunger in our backyard and we’re here to solve that problem,” said Matthew Feltrop, the executive director of The Patachou Foundation.


Childhood Obesity And Food Swamps

Indiana state lawmakers have proposed legislation to fight the problem of low food access, but much of the work remains with non-profits and community organizations. The Patachou Foundation is one such program at work at five Indianapolis Public Schools, including IPS 58.

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Giving Green in Indianapolis

How can one restaurant make its corner of the world a better place? At Public Greens in Indianapolis, garden-fresh meals fund healthy lunches for local schoolchildren.

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Patachou Foundation's Mission For Healthy Food

Matthew Feltrop discusses The Patachou Foundation's work to feed at-risk and food insecure children and increase their awareness, knowledge and enthusiasm about what they are eating.

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Patachou Foundation highlights organization using food to empower youth

Matthew Feltrop, Executive Director of The Patachou Foundation, grills up some gooey goodness, while talking about the incredible work the foundation is doing in Indianapolis.


Program uses food trucks to help young people stay out of trouble

Matthew Feltrop talks about an upcoming fundraiser for The Patachou Foundation with Drive Change's Jordyn Lexton who uses food trucks to train and empower young people just out of prison.


The Patachou Foundation hosts Drive Change

Executive Director Matthew Feltrop talks about the mission of The Patachou Foundation and a special event they are hosting.


Hoover receives Jefferson Award

Owner Martha Hoover receives the Jefferson Award in 2015 for her impact and influence that the Patachou Foundation has had on the Indianapolis community.


Tully: A new, coordinated attack on child obesity

After years in which Indiana has landed near the bottom of a lengthy series of health rankings, this new initiative will zero in on perhaps the most depressing statistic of all: the state's high rate of childhood obesity.

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The Good Fight to Feed Everyone Good Food

It all began with Café Patachou. In 2013 the Patachou Foundation was born. Hoover sees the Foundation as a natural progression of her brand and a powerful way to give back to her community.

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The Patachou Foundation features Veronika Scott of the Empowerment Plan

The Patachou Foundation hosts a speaker’s forum designed to inspire community conversations and initiate solutions featuring Veronika Scott, Founder and President of The Empowerment Plan.


Hoover uses honest food to make a difference

Hoover's restaurants serve food sustainably grown and crafted locally, the same quality of food Patachou Inc. employees prepare and deliver to food insecure kids via the Patachou Foundation.

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Hoover gives profits to fight hunger

When Public Greens opens in 2014, owner Martha Hoover will do all she can to ensure the Broad Ripple restaurant turns a profit — even though she plans to give away every penny.

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Father Boyle of Homeboy Industries speaks at fundraiser

"In the end there's no kinship, no justice, no peace, unless there's some sense that we all belong to each other, you can't solve hunger, gang violence, nothing." Father Boyle speaks at the First Speakers Forum for The Patachou Foundation

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Community Spotlight

The Patachou Foundation accomplishes this mission by taking healthy after-school snacks to children impacted by homelessness and hunger. While feeding them, they also increase their awareness, connection and excitement about the whole food they are eating.

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