Our Team

The Patachou Foundation works to end childhood hunger in Indianapolis thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteers, board members, ambassadors, and sponsors.

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The Patachou Foundation approaches issues relating to hunger and food insecurity in a radical way: by combining nutritious meals, hands-on education and wellness activities, we foster excitement about healthy choices and fresh ingredients. To make this happen, we foster a radically better work environment for people who aren’t afraid to tackle big projects and have a passion to make a difference in our community.

The Patachou Foundation uses the unique resources and background of the 10 area Patachou restaurants along with individual supporters and volunteers to make the biggest impact with the available tools.

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Matthew <br><span>Feltrop</span>


Executive Director
Tracy <br><span>Minor</span>


Volunteer Coordinator
Robert <br><span>Singer</span>


Program Coordinator
Leigh <br><span>Crawford</span>


Volunteer Staffing Manager

The power of food is found in human connection: Everyone can find pleasure in the experience of real food. The Patachou Foundation works every day to harness the power of quality ingredients and high standards of service to alleviate the debilitating problem of hunger in our community.

Our Board of Directors

Sally Bindley Millman
Eric Bruun, Chairperson
Julie Eskenazi
Lisa Harris, M.D.
John David Hoover
Martha Hoover, President
Kelly Krauskopf
Jennifer Lee-Crist, Vice-Chairperson

Sallie Jo Tardy Mitzell, Secretary
Bill Moreau
Jim Morris, Member Emeritus
Kevin Petrow, Treasurer
Carter Wolf

Corporate Liaisons

Steve Goldman, Delco Foods
David Eskenazi, Sandor Development
Pete Piazza, Piazza Produce
Jennifer Rosenberg, Acorn Industries
Annie Zoll, Zesco

2018 Ambassadors

Yaw Aning
Samantha Avanzino
Ashley Brooks
Kristine Camron
Ella Eskenazi
Madelyn Filer
Jennifer Magley
Matt Pauszek
Sherri Reider
Liz Simpson
Julie Singer
Diane Smith
Christina Zerfas
Omber Khan